About the Artist, Lewis Lavoie

Lewis Lavoie is a visual artist from St. Albert, Alberta Canada. Lewis is the inventor of the unique Mural Mosaic concept of uniting hundreds of artists together through their artwork into one unified image. His most recent Mural Mosaic, KUNAMOKST, was unveiled at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. 

Lavoie is a renowned children's illustrator. He has gained international attention for his live performance art creations which he has showcased in front of crowds of thousands.

He has been commissioned to paint for Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Premier Ralph Klein and the lieutenant Governor General Normie Kwong. Lavoie has also been commissioned by such personalities as Dan Aykroyd and Mike Myers. Lavoie, through his work, has helped raise over half a million dollars for various organizations throughout Canada. He continues to create mural mosaic's bringing communities together while at the same time working toward the release of his forthcoming book "The Land of Nod".

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