Thank you so much for stopping by our site.  At Bellwether Productions we know how important it is for kids to have the confidence to believe in their abilities and love and accept themselves for who they are.  For a lot of kids, the pressure to fit in, be liked and feel accepted by their peers may cause them to forgo their own likes and dislikes and morph into whatever seems "cool" at the time.  The Bellwether books and music were made to help parents explore important topics with their children in a way that is loving and supportive.  Using three mediums; literature, artwork and music, Bellwether gently takes kids on an adventure while teaching them the importance of thinking positive, embracing their individuality, overcoming fears, and above all, building a relationship with an unconditionally loving God.  
We hope you enjoy our books, our CD and our site.  Check out sample illustrations and audio clips on our Books and Music page.  Bellwether will be 10 years old soon and we'd love to hear from those of you who have known him as long as we have.  Or, if a child you know is struggling with bullying and you need some tips or advice, write to us on our Contact Us page. And, don't forget to print off the Coloring Pages for that special little someone in your life.

Thanks again for visiting our site.  We really value you and all of our customers who have supported us so generously over the past 10 years.  You've helped make Bellwether's Message about God a bestseller and for that we are truly grateful.  

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